Expanding the Family – or – A Product Is Born

One question that I get asked a lot is where I get inspiration for new products and how does our production process work, so to celebrate our exciting new collection (perhaps our most exciting to date!) I decided to take you for a trip behind the scenes and show you how a product is born, Tweelingen style.

Every successful process starts with a good idea. At this point, there is no structure or definition, or even schedule. The best ideas usually surprise me in the middle of the night, when everybody else is asleep, when I’m driving long hours or on a vacation. Where does the inspiration come from? I don’t want to sound cliché, but I have to say it – inspiration is everywhere. Sometimes, it’s the materials that get the inspiration going, sometimes it’s a new colour palette, sometimes it can even be the weather – it’s really never-ending.

The funny thing is that as soon as an idea has formed – out of the blue, sometimes – it becomes such a permanent presence, as if it’s always been there. And now, the only thing that’s left is to actually execute it… My first step is introducing the fresh idea to Naama and Aderet (Tweelingen’s talented industrial designers) and then I wait (with bated breath!) to hear their input.

And here’s how I know what they think: Naama starts talking fast about structure, weight, cutting and more technical issues in a stream that’s impossible to interrupt – that’s my sign to smile quietly to myself, knowing she loves my idea. Aderet usually thinks, turns the idea over in her mind, tries to see it through different filters, picturing it in her mind’s eyes, and only then, after a moment or two, gives us her verdict: “I like it”, or sometimes, an understated – “I’m not mad about it”. That’s when the creative brainstorming begins.

We clear our schedules – no matter what we’ve had planned – and work the idea until we’ve formulated a basic, initial model that we can work with. Then, we come up with tasks for each of us, create a schedule and go to work!

Aderet Elphasi

Aderet Elphasi

Naama Peleg

Naama Peleg

And our newest team member, Shlomit Shmueli. Welcome aboard, Shlomit!

Shlomit Shmueli

Each product has its own production chain. The Tweelingen collection includes products made of textile and tin, as well as print and magnet products. If the new product idea fits an existing production chain – that makes it so much easier. If that’s not the case, we look for a new manufacturer that can help us in the process. This is where I pat myself on the back and tell you that all Tweelingen products are produced locally in Israel. We pick our suppliers very carefully and only work with those that offer the best quality and whom we also enjoy working with.

Photos I shot last week at two of our manufacturers’. Seeing cheerful Tweelingen products come out of these heavy industry manufacturers always makes me smile.




magnet products

At the same time, we also start the structural planning, which includes creating a pilot, making changes and fixes until we confirm the best structure and simultaneously, we work on the graphic design. I’m not sure how it is in other companies or studios but this is how it works by us: First, we’re certain the process is really simple and that we’ll have the new collection ready within a few days (yeah, right). A few days later, we’re deep in a creative crisis and we think it will go on forever. Thankfully, we already know this stage (intimately) and we know it’s only a phase. One strategy that always works for us: Start from the easiest task. When you’re stuck in a rut, leave anything you’re doing and just do the tasks that are the simplest and easiest to check off your list. After we have one or two models, it’s much easier to go on and tackle the more challenging models. And before we know it, the new collection takes shape and – bam! – We’re deep in the production process, mere steps away from seeing a finished product!

Seeing the finished product for the first time is such an exciting experience, it’s hard to describe in words. The moment you see an abstract thought, an idea, ripen and take shape and turn into an actual product which people buy, use and love (thank you!!!) is an amazing moment of fulfillment. And if you think a finished product marks the end of the process – the opposite is true; in many ways, this is just the beginning… (Our new collection is currently in production and will be ready to launch in just a few short weeks. Meanwhile, you can see a sneak peek of it at the Collage Sale event in Kne Kash next Friday! And there’s a 10% off for anyone who mentions they’ve read about it on the blog).

I hope you’re enjoying these rare winter days,


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