The story behind Tweelingen Design

Tweelingen is a happy and trendy brand creating home decor, accessories and tabletop products. From shelves to cushions, from rugs to furniture – our products carry Tweelingen’s signature aesthetic of innovative, fun-loving colorfulness, along with uncompromising quality standards.

Tweelingen offers a complete living line with a signature design aesthetic. Our products add a splash of happiness, a kick of color and a lively design exclamation point to any room, be it the the living room, the kitchen, the kids room, or the home office.

Orit Zilberman is a designer and an entrepreneur. After giving birth to her sweet twins, she left a top high-tech position to challenge herself and the local design scene, and went for her dreams: starting a design brand that will inject homes with happiness, colors and a daring attitude. This also inspired the brand’s name, Tweelingen – which means “twins” in Dutch.

Tweelingen products are sold in leading boutiques and design stores.


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