Today I’m excited to share the story of re-branding Tweelingen. It’s funny, I write “re-branding” but somehow the word doesn’t seem to express the significance of the process. I feel like in every brand’s life, like that of a baby, there are growth spurts – leaps that really take the brand to the next level – and I feel like this is one of those.


Before I show you the new branding, I’d like to take a minute and tell you a little about the history of Tweelingen…
First, why did I call my brand Tweelingen? Tweelingen means “twins” in Dutch, and since my twins inspired the idea of starting Tweelingen (it all started when I was on maternity leave with them, 8 years ago) it felt like the right name. Why Dutch? To tell you the truth, I searched for the word “twins” in many different languages and this is the one I liked most because of how it sounds.


People who follow this blog and Tweelingen since the beginning know that at first we were known mostly for making handmade baby albums and wedding albums. In fact, for the first 3 years we focused solely on making photo albums, we tweaked our designs and the crafting process until we became pretty famous for our albums in Israel. With computers, iPhones and digital cameras, photo albums aren’t as popular as they used to be, but I’m so happy and touched to know that when people do choose to buy a photo album (usually in order to celebrate or commemorate a special event) Tweelingen is a top choice.

Baby Albums

photo: Ilit Azoulay


White Wedding Album 


Here is our first logo, a minimal and naïve design by my sister, architect Keren Avni.



Well, that was the beginning. The next step begun when I seized the minute and hired Dana Israeli as a business consultant (since then she became known as a handmade and crafting guru in Israel). We discussed ideas and options for new products and ways to grow Tweelingen. I had some ideas for different kinds of albums but Dana said “forget albums, think about something new” and that was the best advice and also the turning point which led to our photo frames and magnetic boards.


photo frame

Photo: Dana Israeli 

magnetic  boards


The slogan “baby & wedding albums” didn’t fit anymore, so we changed it to “stationary boutique”. Tweelingen also got a new logo design.


The second logo design, by Dana Eylon Zeituni, which we still use.


We pretty much stretched “Stationary Boutique” for all it’s got – we used this slogan through the launch of many new ideas and products: door signs, decorative letters, drawing frames… We even used it when we started importing and selling Pip Studio products. But then we launched our textile line, throw cushions and tin shelves and it was time to face it – we needed a new slogan.


 throw cushions

Photo: Dana Israeli


I don’t know how familiar you are with the processes that go behind the scenes of branding, but it sure isn’t easy to find the right words to describe your own brand. You want those words to express what you’re all about, to tell the world about the values you believe in, those same values you put into your brand, you want it to be inviting – and it’s not simple, not at all… At that point it couldn’t be about a specific product (Baby & Wedding Albums), it couldn’t even be about a limited group of products (like the “stationary” in Stationary Boutique), it had to be a much wider title, an umbrella under which we could fit all the existing products and activities that define Tweelingen right now and where we would still have space to grow even more. And then one day, two words popped into my head and immediately it was so clearly the right combination, I couldn’t believe how I didn’t come up with it before! Those words where – Happy Living. Yes, that’s what we are, that’s what Tweelingen is – Happy Living! All our products, our vibe, our aesthetic – it all fits inside those two words: Happy Living!


Once I found the words, I contacted May Neus, who’s such a talented illustrator and graphic designer. I asked May to turn those two words, our new slogan, into illustration. I asked her to create multiple illustrations, and not just the one, because Tweelingen is all about a celebration of colors, patterns, prints and textures – and that richness is at the core of Tweelingen.


May got the essence of Happy Living so perfectly, that I was instantly happy with the first sketches she sent me and approved them within 10 minutes. Thank you, May! I’m in love with the results!


And after this very long introduction, I’m so happy and excited to show you Tweelingen’s new branding and look:



And this is just the beginning! Our new products made us realize we need a new branding, and once we had that new branding, it inspired us to create so many new products and grow even more. So stay tuned, because we’re going to launch new products under the title Happy Living very, very soon…


Wishing you all Happy Living and a great week!